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A community celebrating Europe within Hetalia
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Welcome to eurotalia, a community created to celebrate the European nations found within the manga, and anime series “Axis Powers Hetalia.”

Possessing long, and complex histories with one another, the European nations have found themselves with a great deal of representation within the series.

Responsible for changing the entire world several times over, the nations of this tiny continent possess unique, interesting, and close relationships with each other, based upon years, and years of shifting alliance, shared cultures, and religious schisms. Due in part to this (and in part to the pretty characters, of course!) the European nations have gained a great deal of popularity in fandom, and have encouraged people to take a more pro-active approach to studying history.

So whether you’re from Europe, and proud of it, or from another continent entirely, and find us an interesting bunch, welcome to our community!

Simple rules:

• In order to join this community, it is requested that you have an interest in the European characters of the series “Axis Powers Hetalia”. It is recommended that you also possess an interest in the cultures, relationships, and histories of the European nations.

[Citizens of the EU, can you please produce your ID cards upon arrival; non- EU citizens, can you please queue over there somewhere? Joke, joke! Haha!]


• There are 50 states officially within Europe. If you wish to discuss, create an OC, or hypothesise about any of these states, you are welcomed, and encouraged to.

• Likewise, Europe has many, many official languages. To reflect this, although the community’s primary language is English (for more accessibility to the other members) posts, comments, and discussions in any other European language are absolutely welcome.

• For the sake of simplicity, Russia, and Turkey are accepted as parts of Europe.

• We happily accept posts, fanworks, and doujinshi of a gen, het, or homosexual nature, of any rating, as long as the general posting rules (found below) are followed.

• Although we would prefer posts to centre on the series “Axis Powers Hetalia”, we also welcome, and encourage questions, and discussions on European politics, culture, and lifestyle, as well as advertisements for European meet- ups.

• It goes without saying: No wank please. Unless wank is meant in the British way; in which case, appropriate rating, and an LJ cut is required. Drama- wank, however, is a big no, no.

• No spam. We leave it up to your judgement to know what is, and what isn’t spam.

• Fanart use. We appreciate that people have different points of views on fanart. We are asking that, if possible, fanart icon posts, or graphics posts should also have a link to the site of the artist responsible for the pictures, as they deserve credit. If ever we are contacted by an artist with a complaint about the use of their fanart, then that post will be deleted, no questions asked.

• To make life easier, please remember to tag your posts. Our current tag- list can be found here. If you feel that a tag should be added, please feel free to contact a mod, or a maintainer.

What is counted as “Euro- centric”?

Fanfiction, fanart, and general discussion must focus upon European nations. That is not to say that fanworks including non- European nations are not welcomed. If a non- European nation is a background character, or in a background pairing, then this is acceptable, however, if you post work that has little to do with European characters, or focuses too much upon a non- European character, or pairing, a mod will be within their rights to delete your post. [Example: A story concentrating on the Franco- Prussian war= acceptable. A fancomic about Japan’s experiences with European culture= acceptable. A story about America, and Canada with some references to France= unacceptable.]

In pairings fics, as a rule, the characters in question should be European. The only case where a non- European/ European nation, or non- European nation/ Non- European nation is acceptable is if the story itself is specifically about Europe. [This means that, fanworks containing such pairings as France x Spain, Holland x Belgium, Veneziano + Romano (etc) are entirely acceptable, whereas fanworks containing England x Japan, US x UK, Greece x Japan, France x Canada (etc) by and large, are not.

So does that mean that the popular pairings, such as France x England, and Spain x Romano are more welcome here than other popular pairings such as US x UK, and Prussia x Canada? Well… yes it does. Our concern is not how popular something is, or isn’t, but how relevant it is to the continent of Europe.]

To summarise, basically, use your brain. This is a community for European characters in Hetalia. You, as an intelligent fan, should know what should be relevant to this community.

Posting rules for fanworks:

Please copy- paste the following in order to post fanworks.
All work is required to go behind an LJ- cut. Preview images of up to 400 x 300 in size are allowed. NSFW (18+) preview images are not allowed.

Author/Artist/ Circle (if doujinshi):
Character(s) or Pairing(s):

And now all of the serious stuff is out of the way, enjoy your stay!